Welcome to the Rise School of Austin, where families of diverse backgrounds and needs come together into one inclusive community. Guided by experts in child development and supported by fellow parents, you’ll find the resources you need for your child to thrive — both in the classroom and at home. 

A Loving and Supportive Community

At the Rise School of Austin, we are family, and we support each other as such. Welcomed as key members of the educational team, parents are equipped with the information and training necessary to help further their child’s advancements in learning and development. 

Ongoing communication is a distinguishing feature of the program: faculty and staff share weekly lesson plans and comprehensive 12-week reports, offer home enrichment ideas, and work individually with parents to provide supports and therapies for use at home. In addition, parent workshops equip families with the understanding and skills needed to support their early learner.

An active Rise Parent Committee helps organize frequent community-building events, weekly parent support groups, and learning opportunities throughout the year. Affiliations with the University of Texas and the Austin-based social service organization VELA connect parents with providers and resources that help families of children with developmental delays thrive. For families who require an extended school day, we offer the Rise Enrichment Program (REP), an aftercare program offering a variety of activities that include dance, art, yoga, and other forms of active and quiet play.  

As graduation nears, step-by-step transition support services prepare students for the next stage of life and learning — ensuring that every child is ready to shine.


Aftercare Program

Led by highly qualified teaching assistants, our aftercare program engages small groups of students in a fun, camp-like experience between 2:30 and 5:30 p.m.

Connect with Rise

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