Rise teachers are caring, dedicated, and highly trained. In our unique co-teaching model, every classroom is guided by a team of three teachers: a master’s-level lead teacher, a teacher, and a teaching assistant.

A Dream Team of Early Childhood Experts

All our children benefit from a “dream team” of early childhood education and developmental specialists who know how to unlock individual potential and help preschoolers of diverse abilities meet and exceed high expectations. A core team of three teachers is supported by licensed and certified speech, occupational, music, and physical therapists. 

Our child-to-caregiver ratio of 4:1 allows teachers to provide the support each child needs to achieve their physical, social, emotional, and academic potential. Continuous training and a high-standard of professional development keep faculty and staff on the leading edge of research and best practices. 

Rise preschoolers are encircled with the warmth and encouragement that builds self-confidence and fosters a love of learning. Students develop strong bonds with their school family and feel known, safe, and supported in a nurturing and loving environment.     

Teacher Education Requirements

The Lead Teacher has or is working towards a master’s degree in early childhood, special education, or related field.


The Teacher has or is working towards a bachelor’s degree in early childhood, special education, or related field.


The Teaching Assistant has or is working towards a child development associate’s degree.

Therapy Enriched Classrooms

Experts in each domain of development provide therapies as part of the classroom experience, creating an optimal learning experience for all children. 


Of Our Teachers Have Their Master's Degree


Of Our Teachers Have Their Bachelor's Degree


Of Our Teachers Are Working Towards Their Child Development Associate's Degree


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