Research shows that an inclusive environment produces better outcomes for all children — gifted, traditional, or developmentally delayed. Inclusion is BEST practice and provides an optimal learning experience for every child. 

Learning Side by Side

We believe every child deserves the chance to shine. In our inclusion model, traditional learners and children with developmental delays learn side by side in a high-quality program designed to help each student unlock their potential.

Our team of early childhood experts creates a loving, enriching environment where each child feels safe and accepted.

Small class sizes and an individualized approach ensure every student is learning at their highest level. An engaging, research-driven curriculum sets high expectations and provides the support needed to achieve them. Play-based therapies are integrated into the school day, allowing all Rise students to develop the skills necessary for life and learning.

Our research-based inclusion model is considered best-practice. Not only does our program produce outstanding academic and developmental outcomes, but it also fosters exceptional levels of empathy and compassion. Through the collaborative efforts of therapists, families, and teachers, The Rise School of Austin fosters a genuine culture of friendship and accomplishment for all children.


“At The Rise School, all children are challenged in developmentally appropriate ways so they can reach their utmost potential. Intention and thought are put behind every interaction and every activity.”

— Luvy Wilson, Lead Teacher

What does it mean to think inclusively?

Inclusion is about structuring our classrooms so that typical hierarchies of “smartness” are broken down and replaced with an understanding that there are many ways to be smart. Our program helps each child reach their potential and prepare for the next educational environment. 


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