Our mission is to provide the highest quality early childhood education for all children — gifted, traditional, and developmentally delayed — in an inclusive setting, where individualized learning techniques enable every child to achieve their maximum potential.


The Rise program is a nationally recognized early childhood education model with three major goals:

(1) To provide children with a developmentally appropriate curriculum enhanced by individualized services and supports.

(2) To provide family-centered services designed to meet the needs of all children and families.

(3) To prepare children for their next educational environment.


Core Values

  • Be gracious, honest, and composed. 
  • Seek trust, provide access, and encourage independence.
  • ​Respect human development and the dignity of each individual.
  • ​Reflect, grow, and persist.
  • ​Honor diversity and the strength of families.
  • ​Delight in the uniqueness of early childhood.


The Rise School of Austin is committed to inclusion and is dedicated to providing high-quality early childhood education for children of all abilities. Rise educators ground their teaching in a deep understanding of both developmentally appropriate practice and special education research and techniques in order to tailor a unique preschool experience for each child in our program. At Rise, we believe that a quality preschool experience should be a promise, not a privilege, for all children.

Our inclusive model is based on best practices in early childhood, universal access, individualized learning, collaboration and professional development, and the concept of the school as a family. 

Best Practices in Early Childhood

Each aspect of lesson planning and preparation, from monthly units to daily activities, is differentiated, driven by assessment, based in research, and guided by functional objectives that support children in all domains of development.

Universal Access

Therapy services, specially designed instruction, and curricular adaptations and accommodations are embedded in the daily activities of the classroom and provided within the context of the educational environment using an integrated and collaborative approach.

Individualized Learning

All children benefit from a low student to teacher ratio, ensuring a school experience tailored to the child. Individual learning plans are designed around goals and outcomes based on each child’s:

  • Present level of performance 
  • Zone of Proximal Development 
  • Strengths and needs

We also take into consideration the family’s concerns, priorities, and resources as well as the expectations of the child’s next learning environment.

Collaboration and Professional Development

Each classroom follows a unique co-teaching model, ensuring experienced, highly qualified teachers in each class. Coaching and mentorship are key facets of the teaching culture and are fostered through over 30 hours of professional development each year. 

The School as a Family

Emphasis is placed on the family as the primary decision-maker in each child’s program. Families receive daily communication and comprehensive reports. Community building events, groups, and learning opportunities are organized throughout the year.


4800 Manor Road, Building J
Austin, TX 78723
Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am - 2:30 pm