The Rise Junior Board is a leadership group made up of high school students whose mission is to support The Rise School of Austin and act as advocates for inclusion of people of all abilities.

Purpose of the Junior Board

The purpose of the Rise Junior Board is to create an inclusive organization that engages high school students of all abilities to band together to advocate for inclusion and support The Rise School of Austin through fundraising, special events, projects, and growing our reach into the community, as well as to provide opportunities for high school students to work alongside fellow students to support inclusion, develop leadership skills, gain experience in financial, fundraising, and nonprofit management, and fulfill community service hours.

Membership Information


  • Attend two annual Junior Board meetings (one to two hours each, with four held annually)
  • Participate in activities of the Junior Board including volunteering, fundraising, projects, and special events (ten volunteer hours encouraged, with approximately 40 hours available annually).
  • Advocate for inclusion in the community.
  • Represent the organization in a positive manner to the community.


  • Members join for a one-year term and may serve up to four terms. Terms run September through May with additional volunteer opportunities extending through June.

Applicant requirements

  • Applicant must be a high school student in the Austin or surrounding areas.
  • Applicant must be in good standing with the community.
  • Applicant must submit the application included below.

Candidate expectations

  • Support and champion The Rise School of Austin’s mission & purpose.
  • Willingness to learn, assume leadership and participate fully.

Interested in joining the Junior Board?

Please fill out the below application and return it to The Rise School of Austin via mail: Attn: Rachel Parr, 4800 Manor Road, Building J, Austin TX 78723 or email rparr@riseschoolaustin.org. 

Questions? Please call 512-772-1261

Activities of the Junior Board:

  • Volunteer Opportunities
    Decorate, support events, and interact with Rise’s students of all abilities

  • Fundraising
    Spread awareness and encourage community support of Rise’s mission through a fundraising campaign

  • Projects to support Rise students
    Make learning fun for Rise students with study boxes including books, supplies and toys

  • Special Events
    Create activities and booths for Rise’s spring carnival 

Leadership Positions:

  • Co-Chairs
  • Committee Chairs
  • Secretary

Committee Chairs act as liaison between the Co-Chairs, Committee, and Rise Development office.



  • Engagement Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Projects Committee
  • Special Events Committee
  • Finance Committee

Membership Benefits

  • Work alongside fellow students to support inclusion

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Gain financial, fundraising, and nonprofit experience

  • Fulfill community service hours

  • Create a more inclusive community


4800 Manor Road, Building J
Austin, TX 78723
Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am - 2:30 pm